The Television page

Television has always been an interesting medium for me. The earliest I can remember dates back to 1974, when there were only three channels. At the time, I was living in the West Riding of Yorkshire, in the BBC North and Yorkshire Television area. I noticed that things were a bit different in 1976 when I moved to the Midlands, most noticeably a channel called ATV! This became Central in 1982, and Channel 4 started later that year. I remember watching the opening ceremony of Channel 4, and did the same by video for Channel 5 (now known as FIVE), which started in 1997.

Television has always had a technical fascination for me... such things as "How does it work?" have been big questions for me. Also, many programmes I enjoyed in the past have disappeared from modern television, at least on terrestrial channels. Although on the whole I didn't like ATV, they were responsible for a few good programmes, as were Central in their early days. I have also appeared on Central, as mentioned on the politics page.

What are your favourite programmes?
Over the years, I have particularly enjoyed:

Any links you'd recommend?
Andrew Wiseman runs a super page called 625, named, of course, after the number of lines in a television picture in 50Hz countries.

Jeremy Rogers is writing a history of commercial television, the Independent TeleWeb.

The BBC has rather a lot of web pages of its own, including a whole load of Reception Advice.

Darren Meldrum's MHP includes some historical information on teletext, and a gallery of testcards, along with many other goodies.

Many of these include their own links.

Finally, I would like to refer you to a document I wrote about terrestrial reception of FIVE, though now out of date as the analogue transmitters have all closed.